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Activ-8 Health and Safety Systems provides as one of its Health and Safety Systems, a Contractor’s Health and Safety registration process (a.k.a. contractors pre-qualification registration(CP&R)). This system operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) system and is used by Activ-8 clients to manage the initial and on-going pre-qualification of contractors working for their organisation.

The recent Pike River enquiry outcomes as well as the Task Force on H & S findings and recommendations have accelerated the need for business not just to have a tick box approach to contracting relationships, but to have confirmed and evidenced that their contractors do have robust H & S information in place.

Currently there is a significant emphasis upon the way that businesses interact with their contractors from an H & S point of view.

Activ-8 Health and Safety Systems will develop and implement a Contractors H & S Management System to ensure the following:

  1. Contract execution to meet H & S requirements
  2. Contractor H & S Pre-qualification and registration
  3. Consistent Contractor orientation nationwide

Suitable for all sizes of businesses - from <3 to >300 contractors, single-site or multi-location.

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