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Health and Safety is all about people, staff and management, contractors, visitors, families and relationships. Our health and safety consultants know this and understand that people is what it’s all about – making sure they are safe and healthy while they are at your place of business – and we are here to support you to achieve this!

Activ-8 Health and Safety Consultants

We don't claim to know everything there is to know about your business but if you are reading this we do know that you think safety at work is important to your business.

Activ-8 Health and Safety consultants provide a valuable service for businesses that would otherwise struggle to find peace of mind in knowing that their safety at work is taken care of and all practical is being done to ensure the safety of their employees while at work.

Our Health and Safety Consultants will help you manage workplace risk and compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

One thing is for sure our core strength is in understanding health and safety compliance requirements. It’s this core strength, supporting and guiding our client’s through the many complexities of Health and Safety Regulations that separates Activ-8 Health and Safety Consultants from the crowd.

A well thought-out Health and Safety System is a key part of a successful business. Playing fast and loose in this area can be very costly.

The Activ-8 Health and Safety system is designed to meet ACC WSMP requirements and our health and safety consultants have devised eight key steps that will guide you through this process.

Health and Safety Consultants help your business run like clockwork

When your business has an effective Health and Safety System, it’s something people will sense as soon as they come to your place. An atmosphere of calmness and effectiveness, a feeling of assurance to suppliers and customers that staff know what they are doing.

Tangible benefits from using Health and Safety Consultants go beyond a business’s enhanced professional image and compliance with Health and Safety regulations. A Health and Safety System will provide practical benefits such as reduced waste and property damage, less lost time, lower ACC premiums, overall improved efficiency and productivity and don’t forget the reduced risk of expensive fines and legal claims against your business.

The potential risks associated with creating your own Health and Safety Policy may be too high. The complexities of legal and social obligations nowadays make it important to get expert Health and Safety Consultants services on board to develop your Health and Safety System.
Do you have a burning question or a concern about health and safety in your business? Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.