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Why Setup a Health and Safety System?

Keeping people safe and well at work so that they can go home to their families at the end of their working day is the most important thing about Health and Safety.

Systems that support this happening are more important than the accounting systems we use – but are harder to implement.

Health and Safety are important business concerns which, done well, will help you look after your staff, control business risks, cut costs and have a competitive edge. However, it’s ensuring that you cover of all the issues that can be a challenge. It’s all too easy to overlook requirements or repeat mistakes of the past – this is where a Health and Safety System comes into its own.

A Health and Safety System approach helps you comply with your legal obligations. Having a systematic approach makes it more likely that everyone in the business knows the right way of doing things. Perhaps most importantly, a Health and Safety System will provide a foundation for continually improving health and safety management within your business.

Benefits of a Health and Safety System

Managing the many challenges facing your business can be complex and time-consuming. Under pressure, it’s all too easy to look for a quicker fix rather than the best solution and this is how important health and safety issues are missed.

Having a system which takes care of hazard management, accident and incident recording, emergency response as well as providing reporting, auditing and planning tools all in one integrated system will lead to better Health and Safety outcome for your people.

A Health and Safety System will help you take control. A systematic approach provides better control of key activities, everyone knows the right way of doing things. An added advantage is that consistency and a structured approach to tasks shows up what is working well, what is not and where improvements can be made…..

A consistent, systematic Health and Safety System approach can reduce the number of accidents and the cost of taking corrective action. This also reduces the level of risk and helps you to comply with legislation. But…… of all people go home safe and sound at the end of their working day.

Here are some of the positive benefits of your business having a Health and Safety System…

 Improving your performance by using a Health and Safety System will reduce the costs associated with accidents and incidents. Your insurers will take into account that you use Health and Safety Systems and Training to control risk effectively.

 Improved Health and Safety Training and awareness of regulatory requirements reduces the chance that you will commit any offense which result in costly fines!

  Financiers and investors will be more willing to finance your business if you can show that it uses a Health and Safety System and Training and is well managed.

 Morale and staff relations will improve if employees see that you are actively looking after their Health and Safety

 Business partners will have more confidence. Larger companies and government agencies prefer to purchase from businesses showing effective management systems.

 Your business image will improve as the public sees that you are taking the Health and Safety Training of your employees seriously - generating a positive safety culture.

 Your staff, contractors and all people you come into contact with during the course of your business day have the best chance of going home safe and sound at the end of their working day.

Components of Activ-8 Health & Safety Systems

The four key components of the Activ-8 Health &Safety system are specifically designed to deliver safety benefits to you in your workplace

Documents can be either hardcopy or electronic pages of information. They are used to meet Health and Safety compliance requirements and will be either: Standard, Customised, or Specialised. Documents are usually known as policy and procedures.

A Health and Safety framework is a system – or manual that sets out the documented processes so that they can be seen to meet the various compliance requirements e.g. ACC, Department of Labour, New Zealand Standards, ISO.

Reporting: Health and Safety systems and manuals are only really useful if it is easy to report on how you are keeping your working environment safe. The easier it is to report on the various H & S activities, the less the cost is. Report forms and formats can now be paper based, on line and data-based.

e-training: Staff training is a key element of the regulatory requirements and often a problem for businesses needing to inform staff about their H & S responsibilities as well as the employers responsibilities. Training can be delivered in a lecture room, staff room or on-line training can be accessed on the business or staffs’ own computer if internet access is available